July 20, 2017

FirstRain Releases Customer Intelligence Module for Salesforce Touch

Salesforce Touch just got it’s first third-party enterprise integration from FirstRain, allowing Salesforce Touch users to seamlessly add business and customer intelligence to their apps. The announcement, which came last week, allows data integration from FirstRain’s patented big data analytics technology to present relevant business intelligence information and visualizations directly into apps built on the Salesforce Touch Platform. These applications can then be deployed for sales staff to glean the most up to date business intelligence, customer data and insights into their pre-meeting reconnaissance for existing and new client accounts.

first touch screenshot 1024x768 FirstRain Releases Customer Intelligence Module for Salesforce Touch

Released last year, Salesforce Touch is the next-generation mobile development platform for Salesforce, allowing even business analysts to design, build and deploy powerful apps designed specifically for individual company needs through a drag-and-drop interface. What FirstRain did, was build a custom HTML5 ‘drop-in’ component for Salesforce Touch, so now business’s can develop applications that seamlessly tie in customer intelligence and other analytics data in to their Salesforce Touch applications.

“It is exciting to see the rapid innovation that partners such as FirstRain are delivering for our trusted mobile platform,” said Clarence So, executive vice president, Mobile Strategy, salesforce.com. “FirstRain for Touch will provide customers with the right intelligence to help them connect with their customers in entirely new ways and accelerate business success.”

First Rain CEO Penny Herscher was quoted by Erika Morphy of CRM Buyer as stating, “Half of our customers are Salesforce customers, and we work with them to make it easy for them to drop FirstRain into Salesforce.” This new integration should go a long way in helping companies who use both Salesforce and FirstRain to build integrated applications designed to maximize the opportunities of their new business and sales teams. FirstRain also integrates with other CRM providers and social enterprise platforms including Chatter, Cisco WebEx Social, Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics, Jive and Yammer.

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