July 20, 2017

Why Your Sales Force Hates Your CRM Solution

June 11, 2003 Rene Vishney 0

Most executives have taken up the mantra that automated CRM systems are a panacea to solving a company’s service ills. So, why does the sales force hate the CRM solution so bitterly? If you haven’t heard any complaints from your sales force, then you may not be getting honest feedback (or maybe you’re not listening very hard). But you say, “The sales team and customer service both serve the customer – why should sales care about the CRM solution?” The answer is easy. CRM actually impacts the sales team solidly, and you should not only realize its impact but also consider ways to use it to assist your sales team. […]

Relationship Marketing King: Wal-Mart Still No. 1

May 6, 2003 Doug Edge 0

The economists are still telling us how bad the U.S. economy is, but don’t say anything about the bad economy to your local Wal-Mart greeter.

His or her employer just witnessed revenues grow by 12 percent in 2002, to $246.5 billion. He or she will probably proudly let you know that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was just ranked number one-again-by Fortune magazine, leading the top 500 corporations for a second year in a row.

How do they do it? […]

Amdocs buys defunct CRM firm

March 21, 2003 CNET News.com 0

Software maker Amdocs has paid $5 million to purchase the assets of Xchange, a former contender in the customer relationship management software market.
The cash acquisition, announced Wednesday, gives St. Louis-based Amdocs a set of programs from Xchange for streamlining marketing campaigns. The deal also calls for Amdocs’ Clarify division to support about 100 Xchange customers, including Allstate, Staples and Fidelity. Ten former Xchange employees will become part of Amdocs’ staff. […]

Online Microsoft CRM Application Debuts

March 21, 2003 CRMDaily.com 0

“Certainly, Microsoft could muster the capital and resources to do this,” said Aberdeen analyst Denis Pombriant, “but launching an online edition is not as simple as putting a wrapper on software. It is a whole new business plan and a sizable investment.” Microsoft Business Solutions and partner Surebridge have introduced the first hosted version of Microsoft CRM, called CRM Online. […]

Gartner’s CRM Rankings

March 21, 2003 Line56.com 0

Analyst group Gartner has released its latest customer relationship management (CRM) Magic Quadrant, and concludes that Siebel remains the indisputable category leader. The quadrant is a pictorial representation of how Gartner feels e-business software vendors stand within a given category represented by axis that divide into four boxes: leaders (big on both execution and vision), challengers (big on execution, not as big on vision), visionaries (long on vision, but less ability to execute), and niche players (narrow vision and execution alike). […]

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