August 20, 2017

Keeping CRM on track: The CRM Diagnostic

November 15, 2002 Derek F. Martin 0

CIOs and CEOs who are engaged in implementing a Customer Relationship Management initiative know how difficult a process it is. Relatively new and rapidly evolving, CRM solutions are still the source of great concern for managers in many of the Fortune 1000 companies. Because of the high stakes involved in these complex projects, managers are struggling to find meaningful measures of effectiveness and progress with which to assess and direct their efforts. To maximize the return on investment (ROI), managers must periodically revisit and refine their CRM strategy and objectives to keep the project on track and avoid conflicts later. […]

How to Start a CRM Initiative Without Up-Front Money

October 24, 2002 Derek F. Martin 0

Although most people agree that CRM is an important enhancement to their current strategy, many executives are experiencing sticker shock as they look at CRM projects that costs millions of dollars, especially during such an austere time of belt tightening. But don’t get discouraged. Even if the funds are not available right now, it is possible to start the CRM process by performing critical primary steps without a heavy initial investment. Indeed, companies that jump-start their CRM enablement today can help to ensure that they are not left behind tomorrow. […]

CRM: Technology v Culture

October 19, 2002 Cheryl Rickman 0

CRM: It’s at the forefront of today’s business vocabulary and, according to Meridien Research, $6.7 billion was spent globally on Customer Relationship Management software in 2001. However, businesses are increasingly learning that technology and software alone cannot make a CRM system successful, and that communication, behaviour and culture are equally crucial factors in developing a successful CRM strategy. […]

Customer Relationship Management – It’s All About People

October 16, 2002 Joan Donogh 0

So, you’ve decided to invest in a customer loyalty program for your business – great! But hang on, before you go out and order the latest and greatest in database technology, it is important to understand that CRM is about more than technology – it’s about people. Here we explore the people required to make CRM a successful reality in any organization. […]

Controlling your CRM

February 14, 2002 John Mark Kennedy 0

When looking to integrate CRM into your infrastructure, the first thing most do is run to vendors to see whose solution best fits your needs. However, this is the worst possible way to began the program. If you allow vendors to establish your needs, then your results will be dependent on their software and their ability to read your company.
Your company, however, is much more capable of developing a CRM plan, which can then be implemented by the vendor of your choice. Brenda Moncla, of ThinkFast Consulting, gives these five tips for developing a plan for your CRM. […]

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